Atlanta Airport Taxi Safety

If your seeking an Atlanta airport taxi, please consider they must:

* must be a vehicle that is licensed by a city or county
* meets the city or counties color requirements for a taxi
* drivers must meet city or counties age requirements;
* come fitted with taxi rate meters;
* have liability insurance specifically for a taxi
* have accessibility requirements for people with disabilities.

When choosing a Taxi check:

* be sure to check the vehicle for suitability according to your needs
* Is the vehicle safe and comfortable for your needs?
* if it appears to be in a well maintained mechanical and cosmetic condition;
* if it comes with commercial liability insurance and not regular liability insurance;
* Does the car look different from A taxi?

Taxi Drivers

* Only drivers whom meet the following standards will be allowed to operate a taxi:
* All drivers are checked for criminal records as convicted felons are not able to be licenced
* Must be Over twenty one years of age;
* All drivers must pass driving tests;
* all drivers must be in sound health and mind to drive a taxi.

Child Safety

Parents must use child car seats or booster seats to protect a child from injuries in the event of an automobile accident. Taxi service will not be provided if you don't have the necessary safety equipment for a child. It's the law

Georgia has new legal guidelines. kids below 6 years of age are necessary to use vehicle seats or booster seats which are ideal for their weight and height, and utilized based on offered directions by the manufacturer of the car seat. Apart from this, all children under the age of six must ride on the back seat as well.

Passenger Safety

When considering using any Atlanta airport taxi service, always keep in mind the following:

1. Plan ahead. If you know that you'll be drinking for the night, it may be safer for you to call the taxi service before you head out. This way, you don't have to worry about driving home late, and can get home safely.

2. Whenever possible, use an Atlanta airport taxi service that you, a friend, or your family has used before or regularly.

3. Ask for a price quote (approximate fare cost with the additional fees) when you book the service.

4. Whenever possible, ask as well for the driver's name, the vehicle's body number (when applicable), plate number, make, and color.

5. Keep at least four phone numbers of reliable taxi services with you so that when one is unable to pick you up, you have other options. In case you lose your cell phone, keep a separate list of their numbers in your pockets (or shoes, if you want).

6. Never approach a vehicle that you think is your taxi. The driver should approach you first.

7. When an Atlanta airport taxi service arrives at the designated pick-up point, ask the driver for the name and destination for which they are booked. Never ask: “Are you the taxi for _______?” Rather, ask: “Who are you here for?”

8. Ask for the driver's ID, and not simply their license. Check to make sure that the driver is indeed from the taxi service you called.

9. No matter how late you are, never get into a taxi service you didn't call for. One, it is for your safety. And two, it is out of courtesy to the one who did call for that taxi service.

10. Sit in the back seat and behind the driver. If you're in a group going to different locations, the last person to leave is the most at risk. If the order you're leaving the taxi has been decided before you enter, have the last one to leave sit behind the driver.

11. Don't be a chatty-Cathy. But neither should you be rude. Stick to general topics of conversation and never divulge personal information.

As an Atlanta airport taxi service, North Georgia Taxi Services provides taxi services to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Be it from your home or office, or any location you choose, their highly trained and experienced drivers with their in-depth knowledge of the streets of metro Atlanta will make sure that you arrive at your destination safely and promptly. All of their vehicles are maintained regularly as well, with the company providing insurance on every trip made. Serviceable cities include: include: Alpharetta, Blairsville, Blue ridge, Elijay, Clayton, Cumming, Cleveland, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Gainesville, Helen, Hiawassee,Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Tocca Georgia.


Atlanta Airport Taxi Service offers:

  • Transportation to and from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
  • Wine Tours of North Georgia vineyards
  • Taxi service in North Georgia
  • Flat rate service to North Springs Marta station
  • Concert transportation to Verizon amphitheater & Aaron's Lakewood amphitheater
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